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Maternal & Women's Wellness
for perinatal, postpartum and infertility

Starting a family can be filled with excitement and joy, but can also bring unexpected anxiety, depression, isolation and intrusive thoughts. Whether you are coping with infertility, pregnancy, or postpartum mental health struggles, I am here to walk beside you. I will encourage, listen, comfort and support you.  


Maternal counseling can help you with:

  • Coping with the emotional challenges of motherhood

  • Exploring and improving self-image and your changing body

  • Coping with postpartum or perinatal depression and anxiety

  • Infertility, miscarriage, infant loss or pregnancy termination support

  • Lack of sufficient support system

  • Healing childhood wounds

  • Nurturing yourself and your relationships

  • Balancing work and parenting

  • Change of identity after becoming a parent

  • Relationship challenges with your partner

  • Bonding with your baby and shifts in relationships with older children

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